Secure and Calm

Secure and calm describes the ability to take part in daily activities and approach new situations without being overwhelmed with worries, sadness or anxiety. To be secure and calm also means being able to cope with stress and pressure, and to bounce back from difficulties. It is an inner capacity for well-being.

When children and youth feel calm and secure, they are able to participate in fun activities and learning opportunities, cope effectively when things feel overwhelming and reach out for help when they need it. Feeling secure and calm involves cognitive, emotional and physical aspects. It allows us to experience higher levels of well-being becauseour energy is not going toward just coping with situations that we find challenging but rather our energy is directed at really experiencing what is going on around us. It is within the context of safe relationships that we develop important social and emotional skills such as learning to regulate our emotions, learning to express our needs, learning to solve problems, etc. that lead to the ability to feel calm and secure.
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